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Get Your Ex Back: What To Do When She’s Dumped You…

How can you get your ex back?

This is one of the most important questions for every single guy who have been dumped by his girlfriend. Do you know in two-third of the relationships, it’s the girl who decides to break off? Guys want to stay on with their girlfriends.

However before moving on with the steps of getting your girlfriend back, you should first ask yourself few very important questions. Questions like if this breakup is actually a blessing in disguise. Many a time’s guys carry on with a relationship because of inertia. It suits them to stay in a tolerable relationship then go out and find a healthy relationship. If you feel that the girl who has dumped you was never your soul mate then the break up can be blessing in disguise. However, if you feel she is your soul mate and you do want her back, then carry on reading the article.

The next important thing is to find out if she loves you. Girls tend to be fickle at times. They act impulsively and then regret their actions later. If you feel she still has feelings for you, then you have good chance of getting her back. In such a situation she must want to come back to you. Many guys at times act childishly by calling up their ex girlfriend many times, sending hundreds of texts and acting irrationally. This in turn pushes their girlfriends away.

Instead you should give an impression that you have accepted the break up and have decided to move on. Start dating girls and if possible girls from her circle. You need to analyze if you have changed during your relationship. In the initial phase of relationship; guys try to impress their girlfriends by doing things which is often liked by her. But as time passes, they start taking their girlfriend for granted and this is the initial stage of the problem. You need to analyze if you still do things to impress her. Do you still buy flowers for her? Do you still take her out for romantic dinner and long drives? These things make lots of difference in getting your ex girlfriend back.

When you meet your girlfriend, in a subtle way remind her of the good times you spent together. If you going to a party where she is also going to, wear her favorite shirt or a shirt she gifted you. If she likes your cologne, wear it. Don’t bore and irritate her by talking about the past constantly, but in a subtle way make her wistful of your common history.

Invite her to come along with you to non-committal events. If your group of friends is going to the beach invite her to come along. Start meeting her at different social events. Do pay her some attention, but talk more with friends. Continue conversing with other girls as well. Once she realizes you are definitely an attractive catch, you are on your way of winning her back. Follow the above steps and you will win your ex back.

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